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Tips for Digestive Health

digestive health

Often, it is not just what we eat but how we eat and approach food that can help out digestion work effectively. So here are a few things I always discuss with clients who want help managing their digestion if they are suffering from symptoms such as bloating, low energy constipation or diarrhoea

• Take time to enjoy your food as not only will you get more pleasure, but your digestion will also be able to digest and absorb better if you slow down. It is especially important to sit for at least 10 minutes after finishing a meal before moving onto the next task as this then provides the energy for digestion to work efficiently.

• Chew food thoroughly as undigested food getting through to the intestines is one of the main causes of bloating and wind.

• Leave a gap of at least 12 hours between the evening meal and breakfast the next day to give the digestive system a chance to work efficiently – the small intestine needs time to digest and absorb the nutrients and the large intestine has to prepare the stool for evacuation.

• If you do think there is a food that causes you a problem, remove it from the diet for 2-3 days and see if symptoms improve. You can keep a food diary to help monitor this.

• Finally, the liver does a great job of eliminating toxins from the body making you feel great and filling you with lots of energy, if you base your diet around the following - drinking water throughout the day, eating a healthy diet of vegetables, essential fats and lean protein and limiting the amount of sugar, caffeine, alcohol and processed foods.

Remember to nurture the digestion and it will thank you for it!

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